Project Purpose Mozambique


We are a Mozambican Christian NGO founded in December 2001.

Mission Statement:  

  • “Building firm foundations, one brick at a time.”

Our purpose is to assist young women (the Princesses: 10-24 years old), who are prostituted on the streets of Maputo, gain freedom and experience spiritual & emotional healing.  We seek to restore to them their personal dignity by giving them shelter from the cruel, hard streets and providing opportunities for them to be transformed and reintegrated into their families through Bible-based teaching.  We integrate practical educational activities that develop vocational and academic skills.  Through recreational activities and community service projects the Princesses receive a much needed sense of personal joy and the experience of higher purpose for their lives.  Project Purpose works directly with female family members and those who sent them to the streets.

Our Aims:

  • Inspire self-worth and dignity based on our uniqueness as individuals and because we are created in the image of God.
  • Encourage the restoration and strengthening of the family unit and to promote the nurture and protection of children.
  • Provide practical skills and opportunities so that the Princesses are equipped for employment and a new lifestyle.

Progress to Date:

  • The first Day Center opened in Maputo – November 2002
  • The Restoration and Transformation Center opened – 2005
  • Team members conduct weekly outreaches in Maputo to young women currently in prostitution
  • Many women and children have been successfully reintegrated into families and society
  • Team members make weekly visits to the Princesses who have graduated and are reintegrated with their families